Chamber of Commerce

Each year the Chamber responds to hundreds of inquiries about what Okemah has to offer. We recommend Chamber members when asked about availability of products, services, real estate and rental property. The Chamber is the first stop for many people requesting info regarding the Woody Guthrie Festival and Pioneer Day. We are the distribution point for city and state maps, tourism brochures, phone books, Oklahoma Small Business counseling and general information about Okemah.

Chamber Activities

Updates about our progress will be posted as exhibitions and classes are are scheduled. Online shopping will become available through our upcoming gift shop page, and a gift shop.

  • Local Information
  • Tourism & Brochures
  • Phone Books
  • SBA Counseling
  • State Maps
  • Chamber Luncheons
  • Networking
  • Small Business Development


Okemah Chamber of Commerce & Industry Officials

Together We Grow

  • Alan Oatsvall – President
  • Kathleen Davis – Vice President
  • Kim Shandy – Treasurer
  • Shane Anderson – Board Member
  • Claude Evans (Doc) – Board Member
  • Marilyn Jackson – Board Member
  • Andy Tucker – Board Member
  • Tom Sexton – Board Member
  • Valerie Williams – Board Member


Job Announcement

Deadline to Apply is Friday, May 13, 2022

Position Description w Compensation included

Okemah Main Street and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director


Work Objectives:

The Okemah Main Street and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director coordinates activities within Okemah with a special focus in the downtown or commercial district revitalization program that utilizes historic preservation as an integral foundation for downtown economic development. He/she is responsible for the development, conduct, execution, and documentation of the Main Street program as well as activities of the Okemah Chamber of Commerce. The Executive Director is the principal on-site staff person responsible for coordinating all program activities and volunteers, as well as representing the community regionally and nationally as appropriate. In addition, the Executive Director should help guide the organization as its objectives evolve. Time will be shared equally in both roles as the Main Street Director and the Okemah Chamber of Commerce Director.

Full Range of Duties to be Performed:

The Executive Director shall carry out the following tasks:

  • ƒCoordinate the activity of the Main Street program committees, ensuring that communication among committees is well established; assist committee volunteers with implementation of work plan items.
  • ƒManage all administrative aspects of the Main Street program, including purchasing, record keeping, budget development, accounting, preparing all reports required by the state Main Street program and by the National Main Street Center, assisting with the preparation of reports to funding agencies, and supervising employees or consultants.
  • ƒDevelop, in conjunction with the Main Street program’s board of directors, downtown economic development strategies that are based on historic preservation and utilize the community’s human and economic resources. Become familiar with all persons and groups directly and indirectly involved in the downtown. Mindful of the roles of various downtown interest groups, assist the Main Street program’s board of directors and committees in developing an annual action plan for implementing a downtown revitalization program focused on four areas: design/historic preservation; promotion and marketing; organization/management; and economic restructuring/development.
  • ƒDevelop and conduct on-going public awareness and education programs designed to enhance appreciation of the downtown’s assets and to foster an understanding of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street program’s goals and objectives. Use speaking engagements, media interviews, and personal appearances to keep the program in the public eye.
  • ƒAssist individual tenants or property owners with physical improvement projects through personal consultation or by obtaining and supervising professional design consultants; assist in locating appropriate contractors and materials; when possible, participate in construction supervision; provide advice and guidance on necessary financial mechanisms for physical improvements.
  • ƒAssess the management capacity of major downtown organizations and encourage improvements in the downtown community’s ability to carry out joint activities such as promotional events, advertising, appropriate store hours, special events, business assistance, business recruitment, parking management, and so on. Provide advice and information on successful downtown management. Encourage a cooperative climate among downtown interests and local public officials.
  • ƒAdvise downtown merchants’ organizations and/or chamber of commerce retail committees on Main Street program activities and goals; help coordinate joint promotional events, such as festivals or business promotions, to improve the quality and success of events and attract people to downtown; work closely with local media to ensure maximum coverage of promotional activities; encourage design excellence in all aspects of promotion in order to advance an image of quality for the downtown.
  • Help build strong and productive relationships with appropriate public agencies at the local and state levels.
  • ƒUtilizing the Main Street program format, develop and maintain data systems to track the progress of the local Main Street program. These systems should include economic monitoring, individual building files, photographic documentation of physical changes, and statistics on job creation and business retention.
  • Represent the community to important constituencies at the local, state, and national levels. Speak effectively on the program’s directions and work, mindful of the need to improve state and national economic development policies as they relate to commercial districts.

Resource Management Responsibilities:

The Executive Director supervises any necessary temporary or permanent employees, as well as professional consultants. He/she participates in personnel and project evaluations. The Director maintains local Main Street program records and reports, establishes technical resource files and libraries, and prepares regular reports for the state Main Street program and the National Main Street Center. The Director monitors the annual program budget and maintains financial records.

Job Knowledge and Skills Required:

The Executive Director should have education and/or experience in one or more of the following areas: commercial district management, economics, finance, public relations, planning, business administration, public administration, retailing, volunteer or non-profit, National Trust for Historic Preservation administration, architecture, historic preservation, and/or small business development.

The Executive Director must be sensitive to design and preservation issues and must understand the issues confronting downtown businesspeople, property owners, public agencies, and community organizations. The director must be entrepreneurial, energetic, imaginative, well organized, and capable of functioning effectively in an independent environment. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential. Supervisory skills are desirable.

Additionally, and specifically, the Executive Director shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Create and manage a community calendar
  2. Work directly with the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
  3. Plan, coordinate and promote the Monthly Chamber Luncheons.  Offer input to alternative options for monthly meetings.
  4. Plan and coordinate the Monthly Chamber Board of Director meetings.
  5. Plan and coordinate the Main Street Board and Committee’s.
  6. Serve as facilitator/liaison with other Civic Groups, Okemah City Council, Muscogee Nation and Legislators.
  7. Attend City Council Meetings on a regular basis to provide updates.
  8. Plan and Coordinate with volunteers, local events.
  9. Oversee Chamber and Main Street merchandise ordering, management, and dispersal/availability.
  10. Promote acceptance and engagement of Okemah Brand throughout community.
  11. Work with Area Chambers of Commerce for partnerships/ideas.
  12. Oversee Chamber of Commerce/Main Street website.
  13. Work with Economic Development Coalition to expand economic opportunities.
  14. Direct report for the Executive Director will be the Chamber President or others as designated.
  15. Assist Board and Secretary with Budgetary Oversight and Fund Management.
  16. Host quarterly fundraisers/Events to support position.
  17. Work with newspaper with newsworthy articles for local activities.
  18. Work with Chamber treasurer to establish accounting system.
  19. Post local activities on TravelOK Email Dino Lolli at
    1. Cell 405-863-7302
  20. Actively work to increase new members to Chamber of Commerce.
  21. Actively work to collect membership renewals from current members.
  22. Provide weekly updates to the public via Facebook live or video to keep the community informed of activities, meetings, and updates.
  23. Attend Main Street Training as available. Attend National Main Street Conference.
  24. Participate in Main Street Zoom Calls.
  25. Coordinate with neighboring Main Street Program Directors for ideas, input, and scheduling of events.
  26. Additional duties as determined by the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
  27. Partner with City of Okemah, Okfuskee County, Muscogee Nation and other partners on mutual initiatives.

Position Details:


  1. Previous experience at a main street/downtown development organization preferred
  2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Economic Development, Communications, or Business Marketing preferred.
  3. Adobe Creative Suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook at an intermediate skill level preferred.


  1. Principles, procedures, and strategies of economic development in a government environment, demographic economic trends, and forecasting.
  2. Budget development and management.
  3. Grant writing and fundraising.
  4. Advocacy
  5. Marketing and research methods, principles and procedures.
  6. Public relations, copy writing and press releases.
  7. Board Development and Management.
  8. Project management.


  1. Writing, speaking, and listening
  2. Public speaking/ Communicate effectively with a wide array of constituent groups
  3. Time management
  4. Relationship building, interpersonal skills
  5. Problem solving and decision making
  6. Research, data and trend analysis related to economic development
  7. Event management experience working with high level government officials
  8. Provide group facilitation
  9. Work under pressurized deadlines



  1. Occasionally performs bending, squatting, sorting, kneeling, and reaching to ground level and overhead for such tasks as retrieving a box of brochures
  2. Occasionally lifts, grasps, carries, pushes or pulls up to 40 pounds
  3. Ability to climb stairs and walk considerable steps in one day
  4. Must be able to hold or grip objects
  5. Valid Driver’s License and personal vehicle



  1. Starting salary range $37K to $40K with commission-based bonuses.
  2. 5% of all new yearly Donor contracts or Chamber Memberships collected.
  3. Bonuses based off: any new contracts, memberships, grants and fundraising not pertaining to events or existing contracts or membership.
  4. Reimbursement for Travel and Training Budget set by Board.
  5. Office Provided with necessary equipment to accomplish position requirements. Cell phone provided by applicant.
  6. Flexible Work Hours with a focus on the business work schedule
  7. There will be a 90-day Interim Review Period for this professional position.

If interested, please email resume and cover letter to  by Friday, May 13th at 5:00pm.  For specific questions please contact Andy Tucker at 918-623-6579.  Interviews will be held the week of May 16 through May 19.  Location to be determined.  Start date is on or around June 1st with mandatory training set for June 7-9, 2022.