Water & Waste Management

Water & Waste Management

We have a deposit amount of $125.00 on all water accounts


Water Distribution System

The water distribution system is the essential link between the water supply source and the consumer. It is not just the main that runs down your street; it is quite the opposite.

Water is life. An elaborate conveyance system allows water to be moved through miles of piping before reaching your tap. Pumps allow water to move through the system, and valves regulate water pressure and flow direction along the way.

The Water Distribution Department is responsible for maintaining water mains, water services, fire hydrants, water valves, and backflow devices within the City’s service area. In short, the Department ensures that treated water is delivered to your tap.

The Water Utility Supervisor Distribution supervises crews as part of day-to-day operations. City employees work long hours to keep Okemah’s drinking water and stormwater safe and clean.

At extremely busy times, the department must prioritize its workload, so it may not accomplish everything as quickly as they would like. However, they would like to hear from you. If you see a hazardous pothole, drainage issues, a street sign or stop sign down or needing to be replaced, or if you have a question or concern, please call 918-623-1050. They may not be aware of the problem. Thank you.