Okemah Lake

Lake Rules & Regulations

Below are the general Lake rules and regulations for those using property along the lake.

Boat Dock Rules and Regulations

Based upon the study and recommendation of the Okemah Boat Dock Advisory Committee composed of 13 representatives and stakeholders of the City of Okemah and the surrounding community, the following Rules and Regulations are hereby adopted in the interest of preserving the long-term best interest of Okemah Lake as both water supply and a recreational facility.

  1. Number of Docks and Preferred Locations.
    1. Number of Boat Docks
      1. The maximum number of boat docks on the new lake shall be 25 and the maximum number of docks on the old lake shall be 15.
      2. there shall only be one boathouse or boat dock allowed for any leaseholder with the City of Okemah/ Okemah Utility Authority or landowner.
    2. General Issues affecting docks
      1. No boat dock will be allowed to be built on the lake that adversely impacts the general use and activities on the main body of Okemah Lake. As such, due care and diligence shall be exercised by the OUA Board in considering applications for docks to be located in the main body of the lake. The main body of the lake is identified in the attached map.
      2. In evaluating all applications, minimizing the impact on the us·e of the lake by other recreational users shall be the primary consideration.
      3. The owner of any boat dock or boathouse shall be allowed one means of ingress and egress to same across land owned by the City of Okemah and/or the shoreline by one route which shall not exceed fifteen (15) feet in width and shall be pre-approved by City Representative. The contour of’ the land and potential erosion shall be taken into consideration for all access routes. Said means of ingress and egress shall be maintained by the permit holder.
      4. of a dock by two or more persons is permitted as long as the dock otherwise complies with these rules and regulations.
  2. Permitting Requirements and Eligibility
    1. NEW DOCKS
      1. You must fill out an application for a Boat Dock Permit and submit it to City Hall.
      2. Application (Provided by City)
      3. A City Representative will inspect your proposed dock location and submit the application and a recommendation to the Okemah Utility Authority Board. If your application is granted, you have one year to construct a dock unless you get a written extension from the Okemah Utility Authority Board. If you fail to have your dock completed within one year and do not get an extension, your permit will be revoked and the opportunity to apply shall be given to the next person on the waiting list.
      1. Upon passage of this resolution, a notice of the initial application period shall be posted at City Hall and published in the Okemah News-Leader. The initial application period shall run for one month.
      2. At the end of the initial application period, a list will .be compiled of all applications received. The list will be prioritized based upon the length of time an applicant has owned or leased their property with those owning or leasing their property the longest being given the highest priority. This will be determined by the records on file with the Okfuskee County Clerk. A property transfer for estate planning purposes only shall not affect the priority ranking of an application, but any other transfer shall cause the applicant to lose priority on the list. Said list of applications shall then be evaluated by a City Representative and forwarded to the Okemah Utility Authority Board with a recommendation for approval or denial of the application. The OUA Board will then act on said applications.
      3. In the event the number of applications received and approved exceeds the number of available permits, the excess applications shall be retained and serve as a waiting list for future available permits subject to the same priority criteria as stated above. Applicants submitting their application after the initial application period shall be placed on the waiting list in the appropriate priority order based on time of ownership or lease relative to all other applicants on the waiting list.
      4. In the event someone on the waiting list sells their property, the priority position on the waiting list is not transferable. The new property owner must submit a new application and will be placed in the appropriate priority ranking on the list based on their date of acquisition.
      5. In the event the number of applications is less than the number of available permits, the application may be made at any time for an available permit by an otherwise qualified party.
    3.  FEES
      1. Fees will initially be $50.00 per dock per year but may be changed in the future at the discretion of the OUA Board. The due date of said fees shall be set by the OUA Board. Said fees shall be paid at City Hall.
      2. Penalty: Failure to pay the said fee when due shall result in two late notices being sent. Failure to pay after the late notices may result in revocation of the permit.
      3. Upon revocation of a permit for any reason, any structure will be required to be removed within a period of time set by the City. Manager. If the structure is not removed within the said period of time, the structure may be removed by the Okemah Utility Authority at the expense of the former permit holder. The revoked permit shall then be deemed to be an available permit and be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Any person having had a previous permit revoked shall be eligible to submit a new application and be placed in the appropriate priority position on the waiting list but said person shall not be eligible for receipt of the permit revoked from them.
      1. To be eligible to submit an application for a boat dock permit, an Okemah/Okemah Utility Authority, with land adjacent to the lake or adjacent to City property that is adjacent to the lake.
  3. Construction Standards
    1. Floating Dock Standards
      1. All electric wire will be in conduit (metal or PVC). A ground fault circuit breaker located on the shore of no more than 20 amps will be used. All outlets will be of the sealed type. A 17-foot loop of the electric wire enclosed in flex joint tubing between bank and walkway is required. This is required in case the walkway or dock break loose and float to the bank. Also, a flex joint tubing is required between the first and second sections of the walkway and between the walkway and dock.
      2. All flotation will be enclosed Styrofoam, minimum size 4’x 4′.
      3. No enclosed docks or walkways.
      4. No wood below the waterline.
      5. All metals are required to be the type commonly used by professional dock builders i.e. 16 gauge or larger galvanized cee or zee purlin: 2″ square or round tubing.
      6. Plans showing details of construction and location of the dock must be submitted along with the application.
      7. Spacing shall be no closer than-50 feet from the nearest point of the adjacent dock.
      8. All specifications are minimum unless otherwise stated.
    2. Walkway Requirements
      1. Length: Maximum 40 feet unless exception thereto approved by the Okemah Utility Authority Board.
      2. Width: Maximum 4’4″.
      3. Flotation: Enclosed flotation as required to keep the walkway afloat.
      4. Materials: Frame made of 2″x 6″ cee or zee purlin, 16-gauge galvanized steel.
      5. Handrail: Must have 2 handrails and be made from 1″ or 2″ square or round steel.
      6. Flooring: 2″x 6″ treated lumber or comparable metal or synthetic wood.
      7. Horizontal Support: No more than every 9′, and made from 2 x 6 16-gauge cee or zee purlin.
      8. l” x 4″ box tubing down the center of the walkway.
      9. The walkway should be made mobile as the water level changes. Usually done by pivoting joints that connect to dock and in the middle of the walkway.
      10. No storage buildings next to walkways are authorized.
    3. Dock Requirements
      1. Width: maximum width 32′
      2. Length: 32′ Maximum.
      3. Materials: Frame (undercarriage) made of 4X8 10gauge cee or zee purlin. Flooring made of 2″x 6″ treated lumber or comparable material.
      4. Flotation: Flotation must be provided under all areas of the structure & be sufficient to support the structure, flooring, and roof if applicable.
        Flotation: minimum size 4’x4′.
      5. Water depth shall be a minimum of 6′ at the end of the dock, at the permanent pool elevation of the lake.
    4. Roofs- If a dock is constructed with a roof, the following standards apply:
      1. Materials: All materials must be metal.
      2. The roof must be securely fastened to the dock to resist wind uplift.
      3. Metal roof joists or rafters must be not more than 5’6″ center to center and made of 4x 8 cee or zee purlin.
      4. Vertical supports must be no more than 5’6″ center to center and made of 2″. square metal.
      5. When attaching the roof to vertical supports and dock bolting is preferred to welding.
    5. Maintenance
      1. Docks will be maintained in good repair and a satisfactory condition. so -as not to be a nuisance, to adversely affect the aesthetic appeal of the lake, to be detrimental or potentially detrimental to the water quality, or to be unsafe for use. Whether a dock is in good repair and satisfactory condition shall be determined by a City Representative based upon inspections as deemed necessary by a City Representative. If repairs are required, the time allowed to make the required repairs to bring the dock into a good repair and a satisfactory condition will be determined by the City Representative and provided in writing to the dock owner. Failure to make the required repairs shall result in revocation of the permit as detailed in Section 11.C.3.
      2. The construction specifications addressed herein only apply to new construction. All validly permitted docks in existence at the passage of these rules and regulations shall be considered grandfathered but must still be maintained in a serviceable condition as determined by the City Representative or be subject to revocation of the permit as detailed in Section U.C.3 above. Furthermore, existing permits without a boat dock in place shall be given one year to construct and install a dock that meets the new construction specifications or said ·permit shall be revoked per Section 11.C.3.
    6. Modification of an Existing Structure
      1. In the event an existing permit holder desires to replace an existing dock that has been grandfathered under these Rules and Regulations, prior to doing so, the plans and specifications must be submitted to the City Manager for approval. Said plans and specifications for the new structure must conform to the Construction Standards set out in Section III above. In the event said proposed new construction shall exceed the footprint of the previous structure, shall be positioned differently in the same location, or shall be installed in a new location, advance approval shall be required of the Okemah Utility Authority Board for said construction to be allowed under the existing permit.
      2. In the event an existing permit holder desires to relocate an existing dock whether grandfathered or otherwise, advance approval of the Okemah Utility Authority Board shall be required. Failure to do so may result in the Board requiring the dock to be returned to the original location or revocation of the permit.
    7. Sales or Transfers
      1. In the event a tract of real property is sold and the seller holds a valid permit in good standing for an existing boat dock, said permit may be transferred to the buyer of said tract of real property upon application to the Okemah Utility Authority Board. In the event said permit is not in good standing (i.e. the dock is not in good repair and a satisfactory condition as detailed in Section III.E.1., the permit holder is delinquent in payment of fees, etc.) the buyer shall have a period of time as set out by the Okemah Utility Authority Board to resolve any deficiencies or face revocation of the permit as detailed in Section 11.C.3.
      2. For a permitted dock to be sold to another person or entity for the purpose of said dock remaining on Okemah Lake, the purchaser either has to possess an existing permit or be eligible for and receive a permit under Section II. Failure of the purchaser to receive a permit under said Section shall result in the purchaser being required to remove the dock from Okemah Lake.However, should the seller desire to give up their permit and transfer it to the purchaser with the dock, they may do so subject to prior approval from the Okemah Utility Authority Board of the new location desired by the purchaser. In this event, the seller would then be eligible to apply for a new permit. However, they would not be afforded a priority position on the waiting list but would enter the list at the bottom. the purpose of this is to maintain equity in the previously outlined selection process and not create an opportunity for circumvention of said process.Therefore, in order to sell an existing dock, the best method would be to obtain a copy of the waiting list from the OUA and market the dock to the party on the list in the highest priority position, assuming a permit is available to ‘them. If a permit is not available to the priority position and the seller wishes to retain their permit, the buyer will be unable to obtain a permit and while free to buy the dock, will not be allowed to put it on the lake.