Okemah Lake Updates

May 27, 2022
Okemah Lake will reopen 5/26/2022 at noon.

  • Camping, boating, swimming, picnicking, and fishing will be allowed.
  • Due to the high water levels, the Jaycee Point ramp will be closed, only the first boat ramp will be open.
  • Both courtesy docks will be CLOSED!
  • Please boat at your own risk and be on the lookout for debris in the water. Several area docks have floated off of their pencils and dock pencils may be exposed.

Reminder: that the old lake is a no-wake zone and several of the docks in the old lake have severe damage. Most no-wake buoys are missing. It’s a no-wake zone 150 feet from any ramp or dock. Daily or annual permits are required for all watercraft.


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